The educational environment in which Catholic schools operate has dramatically changed from 30 years ago. Today, Catholic schools are struggling as perceptions toward the church have changed, competition has increased as charter schools have emerged, and parents increasingly wonder if a Catholic school provides the best education for their children.

These shifts have impacted Catholic schools in the form of lower enrollment and, unfortunately, school consolidations and closures. This is not because the core education of Catholic schools is not what it used to be. Catholic schools continue to provide an excellent education to students. What has changed is the need for the school to become much more effective at communicating the benefits of their school to both Catholics and Non-Catholics to increase enrollment.

At Bright Minds Marketing, we help Catholic schools tell their story better and help them to develop marketing plans to attract more families to their school.



With over 20 years of marketing expertise in consumer products, pharmaceuticals and education, Bright Minds Marketing brings Fortune 500 insights and the industry’s latest, data-driven techniques to your school.


Bright Minds Marketing works exclusively with schools. We understand that your school isn’t a product; it’s a community.


Every school is different. We don’t offer cookie cutter solutions to complex problems. We craft solutions tailored to your school’s unique circumstances and budget.

Let’s discuss your school's goals and the challenges you face.

Articles on Catholic School Enrollment

Overcoming Negative Perceptions About Your Catholic School

As the father of two sons who experienced the wonderful benefits of Catholic schools, I want them to be successful.  But marketing a Catholic School requires you to understand and counteract the negative perceptions people have of the church and Catholic schools.  Here is guidance on the best way to do that.

Catholic School Enrollment Strategies

For millions of families, including my own, Catholic school provides more than just an education. It represents community, spirituality, and tradition.   But Catholic schools are in crisis.  Enrollment is dropping and many schools are closing or consolidating.  In this post, we walk through the different strategies that a Catholic school should undertake to improve enrollment.  

How to Act NOW Before Your Catholic School Closes

Catholic schools around the country are closing. By taking three simple steps, school leaders can begin to address these issues and save their school.

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