Bright Minds Marketing has helped schools to increase enrollment and retention by applying the latest data-driven marketing techniques. From scientific-based satisfaction surveys and secret shopper services to developing comprehensive marketing plans, we bring over a decade of expertise to the challenge of finding great new families to enroll in your school and stay there for years to come.

The results speak for themselves:

  • A Catholic school outside of Chicago increased their retention rate by 5%.
  • A Private school in South Carolina increased their enrollment enough to pay for our services seven times over.
  • A Charter school in Indiana saw a 27% increase in overall enrollment, including a 49% increase in kindergarten.

No matter what kind of school you run and what challenges you face, Bright Minds Marketing is here to help.

Public Charter Schools

Charter schools represent some of the most exciting innovations in education today. But as relative newcomers to the scene, many families aren’t familiar with charter schools or how they differ from traditional public schools. Learn to find the families who will allow your school to reach its full potential – while you help your students reach theirs.

Catholic Schools

Catholic schools find themselves in a very challenging environment. As our culture becomes more secular, Catholic schools must learn to adapt in order to rise to meet these challenges. Learn how to harness your school’s unique place in your community to find new students.

Private Schools

Every parent wants the best possible education for their child, but high price tags and a competitive educational environment make it difficult for some private schools to fill their classes. Learn how to develop a comprehensive marketing plan that will make your school stand out.

If you want to increase your school’s enrollment and retention, request a free consultation now.

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