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Recognized as our most popular service, our school marketing plan development is perfect for Charter, Private, Catholic, or Public schools who want to improve their student enrollment. The program combines all the different services that Bright Minds Marketing offers and results in the creation of a school marketing plan that can guide you for years to come.

Marketing plan for school enrollment by Bright Minds Marketing

Phase I: Diagnostics

In this phase, we go beyond anecdotal knowledge and hunches to analyze why your enrollment is down. Only by knowing why your enrollment is lower can we recommend strategies to improve your school’s enrollment. We will conduct the following activities:

  • Interviews with key leadership stakeholders
  • A comprehensive analysis of your school’s enrollment data
  • An audit of your school’s competition
  • An audit of your current marketing efforts including an SEO audit of your school’s website
  • Focus groups with select groups of your parents
  • A school satisfaction survey across your entire school
  • A secret shopper engagement to analyze the customer experience for parents who try to enroll at your school.

Phase II: Develop your marketing constructs

In collaboration with your enrollment and leadership team, we will help you to develop the critical assets that you need to ensure successful enrollment:

  • Customer Personas for your school
  • Value proposition for your school
  • Messaging tailored to your personas

Phase III: Strategy and tactical recommendations

Once we have analyzed the problems and understand your school, your families and your story, then we can offer strategies and tactics that you can implement to drive your enrollment forward. In this stage, we will outline goals and the changes you need to implement to drive higher enrollment at your Private, Catholic, Charter or Public school.

Phase IV: Implementation and Coaching

After we have provided our enrollment plan recommendations, we will work with your team to coach you through implementation. Our partnership doesn’t end when the last slide has been delivered. Every school enrollment plan that Bright Minds Marketing creates comes with a dedicated set of hours to assist your school in executing the recommendations. This is designed to ensure that your investment in improving your school’s enrollment begins to pay off.

The total cost of our school marketing plan development is variable depending upon the size of your school and the number of campuses that you operate. However, it is designed to pay for itself with the increase in enrollment you will gain through an effective enrollment plan.


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