Add an expert marketer to your team.

Many schools we work with have a small marketing team and oftentimes they wear many hats. With more competition and challenges in the education sector than ever before, it’s become increasingly more difficult for schools to hit their enrollment goals. You need a solid, proven strategy with easy-to-implement steps to take you from where you are today to where you want to be.

Whether you need someone with marketing expertise with whom you can brainstorm, you want additional support and coaching for your new enrollment director, or you want someone to help keep your team on track with a constant focus on enrollment, Bright Minds Marketing will give you the guidance you need to reach your goals.

Our standard 4-month coaching engagement includes 20 hours of discovery to identify the key issues facing your school. It includes:

  • 3 interviews with key leadership stakeholders
  • Qualitative review of your school’s website, social media presence and online reviews
  • Review of your current marketing operations and enrollment data
  • Review of your competitive environment and feeder school opportunities
  • Development of an enrollment process map
  • Setting enrollment goals

Then, over the course of the next 3 months, we will conduct bi-weekly conference or video calls with you/your team to help you implement our recommendations and improve your enrollment. For schools whose circumstances are slightly different, we can customize our coaching engagement to meet your objectives and budget.

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Bright Minds Marketing

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