The Bright Minds Marketing team includes former authorizers and members of applicant review teams. We know what authorizers are looking for and can spot the weaknesses in a charter application before you submit it to your authorizer. Collectively, the Bright Minds Marketing team has reviewed and consulted on over 25 charter school applications.


As an educator, your strength lies in delivering strong learning and culture throughout the classroom. As business people in education, we help to ensure that your financial assumptions are strong, your marketing plan will attract the required number of students, and your business plan will pass review.


You have one chance to make a good first impression on the application review team. Partnering with Bright Minds Marketing can make sure that your application stands the greatest chance of approval.


Writing a charter school application is challenging. These documents can often span hundreds of pages and include multiple attachments and multiyear budget forecasts. The charter applicant is often too close to the process and can’t see the issues that a trained outside reviewer can identify.

When reviewing your charter school application, your Bright Minds Marketing consultant will ensure that:
The board of directors and founding team has the appropriate skills and expertise that will make an authorizer feel comfortable in the quality of the management team.
  • We will identify any potential weaknesses in your board operations and make suggestions regarding the skill sets of your board members that authorizers increasingly are looking for in any charter application.
You have a sound business plan with appropriate budgetary assumptions and financial management.
  • Most charter applicants are educators without a strong financial background or history in building business cases.
  • The number one reason that charter school applications get denied is due to poor financial and business case planning.
The academic plan aligns with the rest of the application.
  • Although the academic plan is generally the strongest part of any charter school application, this portion will be reviewed against the business plan to ensure that the vision of the school can be executed within the budget.

For many applicants, you have one chance to secure approval. A quality review by a Bright Minds Marketing consultant can improve the quality of your application and improve your chances of securing approval.


For smaller charter school authorizers who may not have a large team or who have received a large number of applications, Bright Minds Marketing can serve as an additional external reviewer for your charter applicants.

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