How is YOUR school using social media?: Lessons from 470 other schools

Many schools are wrestling with the time and money investment in social media.  From picking the right platform to designing ads to the correct balance of video vs. still imagery, getting school social media right can be challenging.

I recently found a very interesting report online that I wanted to share with you.  How schools use social media in their marketing was jointly published by Imageseven, a school marketing firm in Australia and SchneiderB Media which is a school marketing firm out of Pennsylvania.  This survey polled over 470 schools in Australia, UK, Canada and the United States to get a global look at how schools are approaching social media.

Some interesting findings from this report:


Facebook is by far the most valued social media platform

A staggering 86% of school social media marketers chose Facebook as their most important social media platform for school marketing, with 98% using it in the last 12 months.


Video, video, video

Video will leap ahead as 85% of school marketers indicated that they will increase their use of the platform in the future.  Live video will also grow significantly as 49% said that they will increase their use.


Many school marketers are unsure how to measure their return on investment

Only 42% of school social media marketers agreed that they are able to measure their return on investment for their social media marketing activities.


Visual assets dominate

An overwhelming 99% of school marketers indicated that they use visual assets in their social media marketing.


School marketers want to learn more about podcasting and live video

Podcasting and live video took first place as the area school marketers most want to learn about, followed by blogs.



School marketers are tentative about adopting new social media platforms

Only 3% of school marketers actively adopt new social platforms.

If you would like to download the full report, you can get it here.

Social media continues to be an important communication channel for schools.  If you would like some help on improving your social media strategy or help with your overall enrollment, I would love to help you.

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Nick LeRoy

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