Five Things You Can Do to Improve Your School Enrollment on Quarantine

For many schools, the closure and quarantine restrictions because of COVID-19 are playing havoc on enrollment.  Many schools are having to pivot to virtual enrollment events and are struggling to find alternatives to traditional in-person events.  This is going to be a year that challenges your creativity and skills as an enrollment person.  

But for many people, it can be intimidating to get started.  It doesn't have to be.  There are a number of simple things that you can do right now to improve your student recruitment even with social distancing and quarantine policies in place.


Register your school site on Google My BusinessGoogle My Business Logo

Just because your school has a website, does not mean that it will appear at the top of Google when prospective parents are looking for a school for their kids.  An easy (and free) thing that schools can do to improve their chances of being found in a Google search is to register their website with Google My Business. 

By registering your site, you are verifying to Google all the critical information about your school.  Grades served, hours of operation and most critically your address are all types of information that you give to Google during this process.  Now that Google knows this information, your chances of being found when prospective parents use search terms like “school near me” increases dramatically.  Registering your site is an easy 15-minute process.  Here is a video we put together that will walk you through the steps.


Claim and update your profiles on school review sitesSchool online reviews

Love them or hate them, school review sites are a critical tool that parents use when they are researching schools.  Sites like Niche, Great Schools or Private School Review claim that they are the best ways for parents to compare and shop schools.  Because these sites invest a significant amount of money in search engine optimization (SEO), chances are that when parents are using phrases like “best school near me” or “top Catholic school in my city”, that the review sites are going to come up before your school’s website.

Though these sites do a fairly good job of gathering information, they often have dated and incorrect information about your school.  To ensure that your school’s story is accurate on all these sites, you need to register with them and claim your profile for your school.  This is free to do and it will ensure that all the places that prospective parents go to learn about your school are accurate. 

If you would like more information on how to maximize these sites, we covered it this article.  


Improve the staff and faculty page on your websiteHappy teachers

know that the staff at your school are dedicated and inspiring professionals that make a difference in children’s lives every day.  But how do prospective parents know that?  The staff section of your website should be used to promote the quality of your teachers and give prospective parents a feeling of confidence that your teachers are the best. 

Review your faculty page.  Does it talk about the rigorous schools that your teachers graduated from?  Does it tell prospective parents that your average teacher has taught for over 15 years?  Does it give insight into what sort of incredible professionals will be influencing and shaping the children entrusted into their care?  If it does not, then this is a wonderful opportunity for you to improve this section of your website.

Your teachers are what makes your school great and unique, and you need to use the faculty page on your website to help prospective parents learn about the quality of your employees.  Promoting the quality of your staff not only will make parents want to send their children to your school but it is also a way to ensure that your teachers and staff feel valued by your school.


Promote your teachers on social media

School social media

Do not just limit yourself to your website when you are bragging about the quality of your teachers.  Highlighting each teacher’s biography or qualifications in a post on your social media channels is a great way to showcase your teachers to both your current and prospective parents.  It is quite easy to create a series of posts with the hashtag #teachertuesday where you talk about the people behind the education and provide more information about the quality of your staff.


Don’t wait until you are in crisis to address your enrollment challenges

Many schools are struggling with enrollment right now.  Lower birth rates, increased competition and the general unease about our economy have all made improving enrollment a critical priority for many charter and private schools. 

If you don’t know where to begin or just want to talk to somebody who is well versed in how schools need to change their enrollment processes – Bright Minds Marketing is here to help.  We have different services that can help schools of any size.  And it all starts with a free consultation where we talk about your school and outline a few strategies you can implement all on your own.

Nobody knows for certain how COVID-19 is going to change the educational landscape.  But what is not changing is that parents still need to find a school for their children.   By following these simple steps, you can improve your school’s enrollment right now!

Nick LeRoy

Nick LeRoy, MBA, is the president of Bright Minds Marketing and former Executive Director of the Indiana Charter School Board. Bright Minds Marketing provides enrollment and recruitment consulting to private, Catholic and charter schools. For information about how Bright Minds Marketing can help your school improve its’ student enrollment, send an email to or call us at 317-361-5255.

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