Bright Minds Marketing Acquired By SchoolMint

In 2015 I left my job as the Executive Director for the Indiana Charter School Board and formed Bright Minds Marketing.  My vision at the time was to bring my marketing expertise to school leaders whose heart and passion made them great educators but who lacked the knowledge and the skills to grow their school's enrollment.

During those six years, I have had the opportunity to work with some awesome clients. Over 100 different schools have entrusted me and Bright Minds Marketing to assist them with their enrollment.  From large systems like Legacy Traditional Charter Schools in Arizona to tiny little Mays Community Academy in Mays, Indiana - I have treasured my time helping all of you.

But it is not just the clients who have hired me that has made this job so special.  I have sincerely enjoyed writing my newsletter and hearing from different schools that they have been able to improve their enrollment as a result of the articles that I have written. Though I always prefer the paying customers (ha, ha), I am glad that many of you have been helped by subscribing to this newsletter.

The great news, is that I am joining a company that shares my commitment to helping schools with their enrollment challenges.  I have long admired the team at SchoolMint and when they presented me the opportunity to merge our two companies and join the team as their Chief Enrollment Officer, I jumped at the chance. 

So what does this mean moving forward?  

We will still continue to send out our newsletter on a regular basis with articles that are designed to help you improve your enrollment.  I will still serve as a resource to help your school with your enrollment challenges through consulting engagements or through training and professional development opportunities.  That will not change.

What is changing is that now when you engage with SchoolMint's Strategic Enrollment Management team that you will not just be working with me, but you will have a team of dedicated enrollment professionals who will be able to assist your school, your network or your district with growing your enrollment.

I think that is pretty darn exciting. . . and that means that the opportunity to serve more schools like yours has grown.

Here is a link to the press release where you can learn more about this exciting change.


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