Attracting Prospective Families

The foundational part of any school marketing plan needs to be the identification of your target customers.  Developing customer personas is one of the most important steps to take in building a strong enrollment system.

Change your thinking when you are marketing your school.  You shouldn't be reciting facts and figures, but instead, you need to be telling the story of your school.  Here is guidance on how to become a great school storyteller.

As the father of two sons who experienced the wonderful benefits of Catholic schools, I want them to be successful.  But marketing a Catholic School requires you to understand and counteract the negative perceptions people have of the church and Catholic schools.  Here is guidance on the best way to do that.

You know you need to have a school blog, but when you sit down to write, the dreaded writer's block stops you in your tracks.  Here are 20 ideas for your school's blog

Many schools make the mistake in thinking that their brand is merely their logo or their mascot.  Your school's brand are the attributes and emotions that parents and students have when they think about your school.  In this post we talk about how you can identify your school's brand and begin to shape it in the eyes of your prospective families

How do parents shop for a school?  It is a multi-step process that if you understand it well, you will be able to increase the likelihood that they will enroll in your school.  Here is how to do it.

For millions of families, including my own, Catholic school provides more than just an education. It represents community, spirituality, and tradition.   But Catholic schools are in crisis.  Enrollment is dropping and many schools are closing or consolidating.  In this post, we walk through the different strategies that a Catholic school should undertake to improve enrollment.  

The first step when a family is looking for a school is often turning towards Google and doing a search for schools in their area.  Even though your school website may be launched and a great representation of your school, unless the back end work of improving its' SEO or Search Engine Optimization work is completed, your chances of being found on the first page will be low.  In this post, we talk about some steps schools can make to improve their SEO.  

Prioritizing all the tasks for a busy school enrollment professional is difficult.  As you look to understand what is truly important to get done, you might enjoy this post on the five must have digital assets for your school.

With the explosion of different advertising channels, more and more companies are turning to inbound marketing to attract customers.  Inbound marketing is perfectly suited for schools because it depends upon a school creating great content and telling stories.  In this post, we talk about how to use inbound marketing for your school.  

Nick LeRoy

Nick LeRoy, MBA, is the president of Bright Minds Marketing and former Executive Director of the Indiana Charter School Board. Bright Minds Marketing provides enrollment and recruitment consulting to private, Catholic and charter schools. For information about how Bright Minds Marketing can help your school improve its’ student enrollment, send an email to or call us at 317-361-5255.

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