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Guidance for New Enrollment Marketers

As part of our "Voices from the Trenches" we asked one of our favorite admissions directors to talk about what sort of guidance she would give to a new enrollment director.

Understanding the Enrollment Journey from a Family’s Point of View

What is your school's enrollment experience from the perspective of a potential family?  This experience needs to be as simple and as intuitive as possible in order to increase your chances of enrolling that family.  In this article we discuss ways to improve the customer experience.

Using Customer Personas to Increase Enrollment

The foundational part of any school marketing plan needs to be the identification of your target customers.  Developing customer personas is one of the most important steps to take in building a strong enrollment system.

Diagnosing Why Enrollment is Down at Your School

Every year, fewer and fewer families are coming to your school, but you don't know why.  Take a step back and learn how to diagnose where your enrollment is falling short

Most Popular Blog Posts of 2020

What were your colleagues (and your competitors) reading about in 2020?  Here are our top blog posts from 2020.

The Ten Golden Rules to Increase Enrollment

From our friends at Enquiry Tracker, here are their 10 Golden Rules to Increase Enrollment

How to Put Parents First When Creating a School Website

My friends at Morweb put together a great post on how to make your website appealing to your prospective parents.  This is great guidance when you are looking at redesigning your school's website.

Telling the Story of Your School

Change your thinking when you are marketing your school.  You shouldn't be reciting facts and figures, but instead, you need to be telling the story of your school.  Here is guidance on how to become a great school storyteller.

Overcoming Negative Perceptions About Your Catholic School

As the father of two sons who experienced the wonderful benefits of Catholic schools, I want them to be successful.  But marketing a Catholic School requires you to understand and counteract the negative perceptions people have of the church and Catholic schools.  Here is guidance on the best way to do that.

11 Tips to Create a Stop-Them-In-Their-Tracks School Website

Your school’s website is your number one marketing tool for attracting prospective parents to your school. Here are 11 tips to make sure yours is doing the job.

20 Ideas for School Blog

You know you need to have a school blog, but when you sit down to write, the dreaded writer's block stops you in your tracks.  Here are 20 ideas for your school's blog

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