How to Use the School Review Site Niche to Find New Students

Love them or hate them, online review sites are an important part of your school's marketing mix.  In this post we do a deep dive into the largest and most popular review site; Niche.

How to Identify and Develop Your School’s Brand

Many schools make the mistake in thinking that their brand is merely their logo or their mascot.  Your school's brand are the attributes and emotions that parents and students have when they think about your school.  In this post we talk about how you can identify your school's brand and begin to shape it in the eyes of your prospective families

Enrollment Is a Journey, Not a Decision

How do parents shop for a school?  It is a multi-step process that if you understand it well, you will be able to increase the likelihood that they will enroll in your school.  Here is how to do it.

Making Enrollment Success Part of Your School Culture

Having a culture that is focused on driving high enrollment is critical to filling your school.  Here are some tips on how to instill it

Expert Predictions of the Impact of Covid-19 on School Enrollment Marketing

How will the Corona virus impact school enrollment?  I asked a number of my colleagues in school enrollment on what their advice would be to a school struggling to recruit in an era of social distancing and quarantine.  Here is what they had to say

Successful Marketing Strategy for Private Schools

A comprehensive guide to implementing marketing strategies at your private school

Creating a School Communication Plan

For public school districts - having a strong communication strategy is key.  Here is a guide to thinking about your communication in a strategic way.

How to identify your school’s website visitors and increase enrollment

Having large traffic to your website is meaningless if you can't identify who is visiting and actively marketing to them.  This post will give you guidance on how to identify them.

Got an hour? Here are three simple things you can do to improve your school enrollment

Within one hour you can take some concrete steps to improve your school's enrollment.  You CAN find the time!

Creating a Virtual Tour in Three Simple Steps

What can you do when you can't bring prospective parents to your campus?  Here are steps to create a virtual tour.

Making your Teachers the Star in your School’s Marketing Efforts

Your teachers are the heart and soul of your school.  Why are they not the focus of your enrollment marketing?  Here are ways for you to showcase the quality of your teachers and make them the stars of your marketing efforts.  

The Seven Secrets to a Stronger Tuition Page for Your Independent or Catholic School

One of the most visited pages on your website is going to be your tuition page.  Because cost is such an important barrier on attending your school, it is critical that your tuition page show value and help them understand the availability of financial aid.  In this post we talk about the secrets to making your tuition page better.  

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