Marketing is an investment in your school.

Investing in your marketing and recruitment pays dividends over many years in the form of higher enrollment and deeper customer satisfaction.  Each engagement can be customized to the needs and the budget of the client and different tiers of service are offered depending upon the needs of the school.

Marketing Plan Development

No matter if you are at full enrollment or if you are struggling to attract students, every school can benefit from a strategic marketing program. Using Bright Minds proprietary methodology, we will conduct an analysis and develop a full marketing plan that the school can implement. An engagement with Bright Minds Marketing will last 6 months and will include the following components:

  1. What is the school’s current position in the marketplace (Where are we?)
  2. What is the school’s brand identity and recruitment goals (Where do we want to be?)
  3. What are the strategies and tactics that will accomplish our goals (How do we get there?)
  4. How effective are the programs? (Measurement)

In this engagement, the school will receive a full marketing plan with a yearly calendar customized for their specific recruiting needs.  It also includes 3 months of support (15 hours a month) to begin to execute all of the tactics.  Cost varies depending upon the type of school, but generally this engagement costs the equivalent tuition revenue of 3 students, so you can see how this quickly will pay for itself.

This is our most popular service offering.

Marketing Plan Development includes a Marketing Audit and Competitive Analysis. See details below.

Marketing Audit

Not ready for a full blown engagement? Or do you think that your marketing is pretty good and just want a set of expert eyes on your programs? Bright Minds can conduct a strategic audit of your marketing programs and operations and help you to identify critical opportunities for you to address.

Pricing is flexible depending upon the client’s needs and scope of engagement.

Secret Shopper

The vast majority of your marketing spend is designed to have families tour your school.  But how good is your tour?  Have you benchmarked it against other / competitive schools.  Have an expert set of eyes experience your school tour to identify areas of opportunity and improvement.

Competitive Analysis

The first step for schools who are beginning to improve their marketing capabilities is to truly understand the competitive landscape in which they operate. Bright Minds can conduct a competitive analysis of the school’s location and provide an understanding of who the school competes with and what are their relative strengths and weaknesses against the client’s school.

Pricing is flexible depending upon the client’s needs and scope of engagement.

Parental Satisfaction Survey

Do you really understand what your customers think about your school? Do you regularly survey your parental base to uncover areas of dissatisfaction and opportunities for improvement? Bright Minds can develop and execute satisfaction surveys to help you understand what your customers really think.

Application Review and Support

You’ve spent hundreds of hours creating your new charter application. You’ve checked and rechecked everything, but when you submit to your charter authorizer, all you can do is hope. Bright Minds has assisted many groups in the development of their charter application. Having the perspective of a former executive director of a state charter authorizer allows a group to identify areas of weakness within their application and to ensure that their application stands the greatest chance of approval.   With authorizers increasing the hurdles of getting approval, it is critical that schools submit the best application the first time.

Speaking and Professional Development

Bright Minds can develop and deliver professional development sessions or conference content to improve attendees marketing capabilities. From one hour sessions to full day PD courses, we can improve the marketing capabilities of your staff or attendees to allow them to improve their own school’s marketing and recruitment programs.

Bright Minds Marketing has presented professional marketing development for the following organizations: