Student Retention

charter schools in Indianapolis

How should charter schools in Indianapolis maximize Enroll Indy

Thirty years ago, the process for selecting and enrolling in a school was very easy. Parents would send their child to the neighborhood public district school, or if they had the means and/or desire would choose to apply to a private and/or parochial school.  With the...
metrics for a strong enrollment program

The most important metrics for a strong enrollment program

More and more schools are moving to a system of data-driven instruction. By analyzing how each student is learning, they are able to create more targeted academic interventions for individual students or for a certain subject at their school. Schools who are using...
Enrollment Program

The Three Pillars of a Strong Enrollment Program

Most schools know when they have an enrollment challenge.  You can look at your student numbers on the day one of school and compare it with your enrollment year over year.  What is a little bit harder is isolating and understanding where your enrollment program is...
enroll more students

The secret trick to enrolling more students at your school

Enrollment season is winding down.  At this point, many schools have filled their seats and are in the process of evaluating what worked well and what to change for next year. However, there is still one last tactic that you should be employing to enroll more...
school satisfaction survey

Designing a School Satisfaction Survey

Satisfaction surveys need to be part of your independent school’s DNA. Some simple tips about what you should ask, when you should ask and how should you ask.

Student enrollment form

3 simple changes you need to make to your student enrollment form now!

Your new student enrollment form is an often overlooked, but critical tool that you can use to improve your school’s recruitment efforts.  Though the primary goal of the new student information form is primarily administrative, with just a few tweaks and additional...